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AdjuTec Pharma Meets Politicians to Raise Awareness of AMR

Oslo, Norway, 13 December 2023 – AdjuTec Pharma AS is a privately held company developing antibiotic resistance breakers. The Company attended the Stortingsseminar on Antibacterial Resistance Wednesday 13th December, in Oslo.

This seminar was arranged by the Conservative party in Norway but open for politicians and private/public stakeholders. The topic was to educate the politicians how to face the the alarming increase in antibiotic resistance.

Examples from war-victims with extreme resistant infections coming to Norway and a history of a cancer patient survivor, was presented. Their total dependence on effective antibiotics illustrated how these drugs have become the back-bone of modern medicine. In the covid pandemic prophylactic antibiotics was used in a majority of patients and resulted in an increase in antibiotic resistance. Better diagnostics and therapeutics must be developed to offer for more targeted treatments.

There is also a need for market incentives to secure access to a wider range of antibiotics in small markets like Norway. Initiatives at a European level was presented.

"Politicians is responsible for securing public health and AMR is at the top of European and global priorities. Norway should allocate NOK 1bn to support late stage clinical studies of new drugs and market access for antibiotics to meet this silent pandemic", comments Bjørn Klem, CEO of AdjuTec Pharma

About antimicrobial resistance (AMR) –

AMR is a global health threat with an estimated 5mill associated deaths, including 1.27mill deaths attributable to bacterial AMR in 2019. WHO has declared that AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. Misuse of antimicrobials is the main driver in the development of drug-resistant pathogens. AMR results in prolonged hospital stays at intensive care units with increased costs to the healthcare system. Without effective antimicrobials, the success of modern medicine in treating and preventing infections during major surgery and cancer chemotherapy, can be jeopardized.

About AdjuTec Pharma

AdjuTec Pharma is a company that is dedicated to developing and providing novel antibiotic resistance breakers to the global market. The company technology offers a unique mechanism of action that inactivates bacterial defence enzymes and restores bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics. The company’s lead product is APC148, a selective zinc chelator targeting bacterial metallo-ß-lactamase (MBL) enzymes. The technology was invented by Professor Pål Rongved and his group at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Oslo. The Company is located at St. Olavs gate 5, 0165 - downtown Oslo.

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