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AdjuTec Pharma Expands Management with Chief Regulatory and Clinical Officer

Oslo, Norway, November 10th, 2021 – AdjuTec Pharma, the antibiotic resistance breaker Company, is pleased to announce the signing of Bjørg Bolstad as Chief Regulatory and Clinical Officer from 1st January 2022. She has long experience from global clinical development programs in Nycomed/ Amersham and Norwegian biotechs. Her present job is Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Medicinal Agency (NoMA) where she is representing Norway in the committee approving medical products (CHMP) at the European Medicinal Agency, Amsterdam.

AdjuTec continues to strengthen the patient portfolio by having submitted a new patent for a broad-spectrum antibiotic resistance inhibitor (APC247). This compound is capable of inhibiting both the main bacteria resistance enzyme families (MBL and SBL), and further research will elucidate it’s potential.

AdjuTec will be attending the NOME annual meeting 23rd November in Copenhagen, supported by Novo Nordisk. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for the company to connect with the Nordic biotech community, potential investors and partners.

AdjuTec has been one of twelve companies selected to present during the Venture session of DNB Healthcare Conference 16th December 2021. We are looking forward to update investors on the progress of the company.

“Regulatory and clinical competence is crucial in the development of AdjuTec’s drug candidates. The company is planning for meetings with FDA (US) and the European Medicinal Authorities (EMA) to verify preclinical and clinical plans for our lead product APC148 targeting patients with complicated urinary tract infections. This will secure a fast-track development program towards market approval. The on-boarding of Bjørg Bolstad is perfect to prepare for these important milestones” said Nicolaj Weiergang, AdjuTec Pharma Chair of Board.

About antimicrobial resistance (AMR) –

AMR is a global health and development threat. It requires urgent multi-sectoral action in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WHO has declared that AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. Misuse of antimicrobials are the main drivers in the development of drug-resistant pathogens. Lack of clean water and sanitation and inadequate infection prevention and control promotes the spread of microbes, some of which can be resistant to antimicrobial treatment. The cost of AMR to the economy is significant. In addition to death and disability, prolonged illness results in longer hospital stays at intensive care units and isolate wards. In addition, there is a need for more expensive medicines and financial challenges for those impacted. Without effective antimicrobials, the success of modern medicine in treating and preventing infections during major surgery and cancer chemotherapy, can be jeopardized.

About AdjuTec Pharma

AdjuTec Pharma is a Company that is dedicated to developing and providing novel antibiotic resistance breakers to the global market. The Company technology offers a unique mechanism of action that inactivates bacterial defense enzymes and restores bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics. The Company lead product is APC148, a selective zinc chelator targeting bacteria metallo-ß-lactamase (MBL) enzymes. The technology is developed by Professor Pål Rongved and his group at Department of Pharmacy, University of Oslo. The Company is located at Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park next to the Radium Hospital, Oslo.

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